Monday, June 28, 2010


June 13, 2010
Things are not looking good for southern Kyrgyzstan right now. At the moment, my site mate and I are sitting at her house, each on our own computers because we've run out of games to play with each other and stuff to talk about and we are way to antsy to watch more TV.

I won't go into details here, but yesterday was a very tense day for us. We were very, very worried about the safety of our fellow volunteers in Osh Oblast, as well as our local friends in various areas. Our village is very safe, but the same cannot be said many places in the surrounding region. We spent many hours yesterday waiting for word about when we would be evacuated and for news about how the other volunteers were faring, but could finally relax a bit after 9 p.m. when we heard news that all but one volunteer had been safely eveacuated, and that one had been moved to a safer location. Now there's just three of us waiting to get out of the south, and while we are all safe we are more or less trapped. On top of all this we are hearing terrible news of the violence in the city, and while it is comforting to know that all volunteers are safe, there are still many local friends still in Osh, and we are so scared for them. Its not fair that I should be so certain of my rescue, based only on the place of my birth.

In any case, I am not at all optomistic about coming back home to Osh once I leave. I hate to admit it, and the feelings of guilt are choking me, but I'm ready to leave the country once I am evacuated from the South. Maybe I'll change my mind later, but right now I'm just done. I love this country, and I feel like leaving willingly is a serious betrayal, but I can't shake the feeling that I just have to get out alltogether.


  1. I am so glad to receive updates from you and to hear that you are home safe. I'm sorry your experience had to end that way. Most of all I am still worried for your friends and neighbors in Kyrgyzstan.

  2. Do not feel as if you have betrayed Kstan or feel guilty for leaving. I just learned about how things have been going for PCV all throughout Kstan and right now Kstan has to be able to support PCVs and they can't. I personally understand how the people and the land can work their way into your heart, don't give up on Kstan. And now that you aren't a PCV, you can actually do more for Kstan without being restricted by PCV regulations. Did you know that currently (to my knowledge) there are (not including you) 3 other Kstan RPCVs in Iowa, all are in Coon Rapids and Des Moines.