Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bad Luck

Arrgh! Go figure, the first time that I get a good Internet connection, I forget my flashdrive that has a four-page-long super post documenting the last 3 weeks (OMG three weeks!).

Anyway, without taking away too much internet time from my fellow trainees who are waiting patiently for this coveted seat, I will do a quick summary:

My family is great, I love them. My village is also great, and I am getting very quickly used to being surrounded by shit (excuse me, but it is all that can be said) all the time.

They keep us on a pretty tight schedule right now, and we are all expriencing some serious language training burn-out. Even when I am not on the PC schedule, my family keeps me very busy, and it seems like I am constantly being called to "chai eech!" (drink tea) or "je! je!" (eat! eat!)

When I poke my head out the front gate, I am usually mobbed with a crowd of kids trying to get my attention (and often adults), all yelling "Ajo! Ajo!" (my host sisters new nickname for me. It was kind of a strange evolution). I have never been so popular before (haha) and sometimes I hate it, but mostly I love it. As a result of village life, everyone knows everything about everyone, and the Americans are the center of talk all the time, so we sometimes experience some difficulty as a result of being scrutinized all the time. Over all, life is good for me, and I am so glad to be here.

Love and hugs to everyone!